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Discover the power of Email Solo Ads. Not only are they the BEST place to reach your leads, but they’ll help you build a valuable business asset faster. Become an insider on this unique ad type!

What Is A Solo Ad?

A solo ad is a business advertisement sent by email to someone else’s subscriber list of a similar focus.   The owner of the subscriber list is the one who sends the email (no buying of email addresses) promoting the single offer.  In other words, a ‘solo’ ad.

How Solo Ads Work

Email Advertising vs Email Marketing

YES!  There is a difference.   Email advertising is a paid, one-time, promotional method used to build business awareness and gather leads.   Email marketing is consistent communication typically through an email autoresponder service to follow-up with prospects and existing clients.  Most importantly, email “Solo Ads” are in the same category as other paid advertisements,  (they are simply less known).

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Solo Ads

Solo ads are GOOD for email “List Building” and ideal for digital offersEmail is where your leads are – whether you want to reach a niche-based audience or a targeted group. If your goal is to build a large email list fast, promoting offers that can be accessed online, investing in solo ads is a ‘no brainer’.

Solo ads can be BAD for some types of marketing goals. If your marketing goal is to build ‘buzz’ about your business and entice leads to share content, then an email advertisement is not the best choice. Beware of BAD solo ad providers as well.  Some solo ad providers sell cheap clicks, but deliver FAKE LEADS; then disappear

Without the proper technical email set-up, a solo ad can get UGLY fast.  A business domain should have MX, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records added to help establish authority (and security). Without these items, you won’t be able to receive emails, or worse, have your email marketing efforts land in a subscriber’s spam folder 🙁  

Solo Ad Terminology

"Clicks" = Leads

Traditional solo ads sell by the ‘click’ … meaning, they count the number of clicks sent to a buyer’s landing page.  This can also be referred to as a CPC (cost per click).

"Raw Clicks" = Total Number Of Clicks

Counting ‘raw clicks’ means that EVERY click is counted.

"Unique Clicks" = 1 'Click' Per Lead

Regardless of the number of times a lead clicks through to a landing page, their visit will only be counted once (per session).

"MMO" = Make Money Online

The term MMO is commonly used for any offer or technique that can help people make money online.

"Biz Op" = Business Opportunity

A common term in affiliate marketing where the offer is geared towards a specific business model.  This could also apply to a franchise opportunity.

"A/B Testing" = Process To Find Improvements

A/B Testing is a common practice in digital marketing – from webpages, to emails, to online ads.  The method is simply to run two different versions of the same items type in a campaign … and discover which version received more engagement.

"Swipe" = Pre-Created Content

‘Swipe’ is a common term for pre-created emails; however, it can apply to pre-created landing pages as well.  In affiliate marketing, product creators often provide their affiliates with a ‘swipe file’ to use for promotion the product.

"Landing Page" = A Specific Webpage

A ‘landing page’ is where leads/clicks ‘land’ after clicking on an advertisement.  There are many different styles of landing pages used in digital marketing.

The best type of landing page for a solo ad is a ‘capture page’ – a simple description of a specific offer with a single call-to-action (typically an opt-in form).

"Opt In" = Subscribing To An Email List

‘Opting In’ is the act of providing an email address online to obtain further information about a product or service.  This is the primary goal of solo ads … to get interested individuals from the provider’s email list to subscribe to the buyer’s email list.

"Double Opt In" = Confirm A Subscription

A ‘double opt-in’ is typically done when a new subscriber opts into a list.  That subscriber will receive an email from the email service provider asking the subscriber to confirm that they did in fact subscribe to get further information.

Solo Ad Solutions recommends that this default setting be disabled as most subscribers do not take this extra stepWithout that subscriber confirming that they opted-in, an automated email sequence will not be sent to them.

"Over-Delivery" = Extra Leads For Free

It is common for solo ad providers that track CLICKS, to offer additional leads at no cost to the buyer.  These extra leads provide a buffer that guarantees the number of clicks/leads purchased are delivered.

"Tier 1" = Geographic Location Of Leads

In the solo ad industry, ‘Tier 1’ refers to the subscribers located primarily in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

Tier 1 countries are typically English-speaking consumers with a high likelihood of completing a purchase online.

Why Should You Buy An Email Ad?

Traditional online marketing methods are flawed. Because, they either take too long to implement, offer a poor Return-On-Investment (ROI), cost way too much, or rely on endless networking. BUT, … there is hope with email advertising.

You’re probably thinking …
“blah, blah, blah … email is nothing new.”
… we say, “YES, … and that’s a good thing!

Think about it, …     the majority of your potential clients have an email address.  Though it may be ‘old school’, email ROI has grown to $32 USD on average for each $1 spent -AND-  email users are expected to grow to 4.3 billion by 2030 (that’s 3 times higher than active Facebook users) – email is the place to be.

How Are Solo Ads Better?


Since email subscriber lists often include people that purchased products, they are more likely to purchase similar products!  A definite advantage over ‘cold’ leads.


 You already know the power of email marketing, so why not reach more leads that are responsive/conditioned to reading promotional and nurturing emails?


Unless a future date is requested, our average ‘turn-around’ time from the moment an email advertisement is purchased, to the time the ad is launched, is within 24 hours!


Data for 2020, shows leads from Google Adwords can cost as high as $5.88 per click;  Facebook Ads up to $1.72.  OUR SOLO ADS START AT 0.70 CENTS PER LEAD!  

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Still Have Questions?


We understand that those new to solo ads will need extra guidance and may have lots of questions. We welcome it!  … The more we help you, the better your business will thrive – and that makes us happy!

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