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We focus on getting you conversions! Our experience in digital marketing and user experience (UX) gives us insight into what works, and what doesn't, to get results.  Based on a study by CrazyEgg, you have 3 to 8 seconds to grab the attention of a new website visitor.  If your design or content is poor, your conversion rate will be low - with or without a solo ad.

We'll get your digital product offer in front of an interested, buyer-mindset, English-speaking audienceThese are 'warm' niche-focused leads for you to follow-up with since they are introduced to you through a trusted source.  According to a study by Exact Target, 77% of consumers prefer to be marketed to by email ... So, why not take advantage of that :)

Professional, reliable service is the #1 feedback by our clients.  You can expect us to reply promptly, fulfill orders as agreed, and follow-up after orders have been delivered.  Client satisfaction is a priority.  Along with being 100% CAN-SPAM compliant, employing the best practices for email subscriber management, our goal is helping our clients get results.

Acquire business leads FAST through an uncommon LOW COST paid traffic method called SOLO ADS. Using the power of email marketing, we can drive niche traffic to your digital product.
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Targeted Lead Generation Through The Power Of Email Marketing

All businesses need to promote their services and generate leads, but finding leads can be difficult.  Getting a website to rank (organically) in search engines can take a long, long time to become fruitful.  Becoming a social media marvel for business promotion purposes can result in poor Return-On-Investment (ROI).  Sourcing friends and family for referrals can dry-up.  This brings many businesses to try paid advertising since it is easier to generate leads; unfortunately, regular paid traffic sources can be expensive, restrictive, complicated, and may not convert leads to clients enough.  BUT ... there is hope with email marketing.


You're probably thinking "blah, blah, blah ... email marketing is nothing new"
... we say, "Yes, and that's a good thing!"


Think about it, the majority of your potential clients have an email address. Though it may be 'old school', email ROI has grown to $42 USD on average for each $1 spent -AND- 81% of small business owners rely on email as their primary lead acquisition channel.  OK, now that we're on the same page on the power of email marketing, let me explain how Solo Ads are different than other paid ads.

How Are Solo Ads Better?

Solo Ads Can Reach Buyers.  Since email subscriber lists often include individuals that purchased products, they are more likely to purchase similar products offered. A definite  advantage over 'cold leads'.

Solo Ads Are Niche Targeted.  From business opportunites, to internet marketing, to health & fitness, to personal development, and many more - subscriber lists share similar interests.

Solo Ads Reach Leads That Are Responsive To Email.  You already know the power of email marketing, why not reach more leads that are already reading promotional emails?

Solo Ads Can Be Delivered Fast.  Our average 'turn-around' time from the moment the solo ad is purchased, to the time the ad is launched is within 24 hours (sometimes faster).  No waiting days for approval.

Solo Ads Are Affordable.  Traffic from Google Adwords for online services/software targeting, is about $59 per lead!  Facebook can run as high as $33 per lead. 
Our Solo Ads start at 0.60 cents per lead.

In simple terms, a solo ad is a business advertisement sent by email to someone else's subscriber list of a similar focus.  The owner of the subscriber list is the one who sends the email (no buying of email addresses).  Here are a few benefits of solo ads:

By now, its clear how powerful Solo Ads can be in your overall digital marketing strategy.  If you are interested in getting started, learn about the types of visitors we can send to your landing page.


While we cannot guarantee sales from the traffic we deliver, we can guarantee to be transparent about how your offer might perform with our list(s).  We'll review your web offer funnel and notify you of any issues BEFORE we launch your solo ad.  If there is a problem with an unusually low opt-in rate and/or an error on our end, you can rest assured that we will make it right.


Joe & Jannell

With the uncertainty of our future in the times of Covid-19, a refocus on email list-building, and a coincidental meeting with a solo ad professional, the idea for Solo Ad Solutions was born.  Not only does our digital marketing knowledge span 10+ years, but we care about the success of our clients, and have a deep love of all things internet - some would say we're bordering on addiction.  We're honest, good people (just ask our moms) and we want to help others grow their business through the power of email marketing.  When we aren't glued to our computers or phones, we're spending time with our pets, traveling, or in the garden.  We look forward to partnering with 'go-getters' like you!  



Will I Get Sales?

Like other paid traffic methods, solo ads are only designed to provide leads. Getting sales can take time, so continue to follow-up with your new leads and build a relationship!

How Did You Build Your Email List?

Our lists have been built using search engine traffic, social media leads, cross-promotions, and other media buys. We have thousands of subscribers and we add new ones every month. 

Our list(s) tend to engage more with initial offers providing free training of any kind.  Videos, guides, etc.

What Interests Your Subscribers?

When Will My Order Start?

Unless you are requesting a particular date for your solo ad to run, orders will start within 24 hours from payment.

Full delivery depends on the size of the order, requested targeting, offer type, but typically all clicks are sent between 2-7 days.

How Long Will It Take For All Leads To Be Delivered?

How Will My Order Be Tracked?

Within hours after we launch your solo ad, we'll provide you with a tracking link to monitor the status of your order.  Additionally, we'll follow-up with you when all leads have been delivered.

What Is Your Average Opt-In Rate?

Our clients report opt-in rates between 25-40%.  This means that at least 1 in 4 people that have been exposed to your offer will subscribe to your email list.

How Many Clicks Should I Buy?

We recommend new buyers get at least 200 clicks in order to have enough data to determine if our list engages with your offer. 500 clicks if you are familiar with solo ads and looking to boost your list-building efforts. 

Our Solo Ad Inclusions & Process

Get Your Unconventional, Affordable Paid Ad!

Our primary service uses email marketing to deliver leads (a.k.a. Clicks) to your business web page (a.k.a. Landing Page). Our standard offering guarantees that 95% of the total clicks (a.k.a. Traffic) will come from Tier 1 countries - The majority from USA and Canada with the rest spead out between the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.  Buyers included!

Make Money Online Internet Marketing

Landing Page Requirements

For your order to be accepted, your offer must fit one of our niches, your landing page must feature an opt-in form, and your opt-in form must not require a telephone number.

See our cancellation policy for more details

Solo ads work!  It's how I've gained over 1000 subscribers to my email list in a short amount of time with this seller! Highly recommend. Tier1 traffic for a great price and excellent opt in rate.

I purchased three different sets of Solo ads from this provider. 220 email only, 240 email only and 100 general clicks.  Got optin rate of 18%, 22% and 21% respectively.  Total of 6 sales and counting.  The best thing isthat Jannell worked with me to accommodate my first rush order and delivered in 20 hours.  I will definitely continue to use Solo Ad Solutionsservices and high quality traffic.

I wanted to let everyone know that Solo Ad Solutions Rocks! I've run multiple Solo's with them and time after time I get solid list signups ROI and I will continue to use their service on a regular monthly basis. Jannell is also great to work with and is very responsive to emails and new orders. I can't recommend them enough!

Health & Fitness

Personal Development

1st - Quality Control

BONUS: 15% Extra

2nd - Email Swipe

3rd - Tracking Link

Within 24 hours of your order submission, we'll test your landing page & funnel PRIOR to running your solo ad.  We'll verfy that your opt-in works, there are no technical glitches, and that we receive your 'welcome' email sent to new subscribers. If we spot any errors, we'll let you know.

We want your solo ad to be successful, so as a good-faith gesture, we'll add at least 15% extra leads for free!  Our lists are regularly cleaned of spammers and new subscribers are added & segmented monthly. The extra clicks will potentially reach our newest active subscribers! Once all the clicks have been delivered, we'll contact you to confirm your results.

After we receive your payment, we'll evaluate your offer and write the best email ad that will engage with our list. Because we regularly test our emails to improve open and click-through rates, we're familiar with what gets our subscribers to open emails and click-through to offers. You're in good hands!

Once your solo ad is launched, we'll give you a tracking link to monitor the status of your campaign.  We use ClickMaglick to protect and track your landing page.  Not only can we filter out unwanted visitors (bots) from your solo ad order, but we can track the status of your order to ensure you are only paying for unique clicks from human visitors.

95% Tier 1 
0.60 cents/click 

No Mobile (desktop only) 0.70 cents/click

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